Let’s cut to the chase, the Core NNR socks is design and curated for everyone living up to the brand name “Never Not Riding”.


With this simple and clean design, you’re able to rock it with any gear. The front of the sock is  solid all black and the back is a simple “NNR” design. Before you lace up or buckle up, there is a reminder on top of your foot “With Distance Comes Glory”. Pro tip, get two so you don’t have to do laundry every day.








The PACER socks is inspired by each and everyone of you pushing and leading. We all know it’s not easy to lead and pace, but with experience, knowledge, and authority. You are physically and mentally the PACER, take honor and own it.  After you’re complete with your ride, there’s a reminder on top of your foot. It’s time to “Chill”






Made in the USA by Defeet

– 60 % Nylon 39 % Cool Max Eco Made and 1% Lycra

– 6″ cuff, thin, stays cooler, fast Dry

– Most Durable


Available in S, M, and L

Small fits Women 6-8 Mens 4.5 -6.5

Medium fits Women 8.5 – 10.5 Mens 7-9

Large fits Women 11-13 Mens 9.5 – 11.5

$15.00 Each



Special shout RZ Designs for the help of design

Special shout to Milo for the Images Above