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Never Not Riding had the opportunity to test out this product for over a year by now, and we have nothing but positive things to say. Eight thousand seven hundred & sixty hours a year, this bicycle fender is the best you can find. If you’re always out and about on your bike, you can rely on this functional protection to keep you dry.


The rear has the perfect length, enough to cover your back from the splash coming up from the tire. Most bicycle fenders on the market are either not long enough or not functional enough for our lifestyle. The fact that it is foldable makes everything really seamless, easy to roll up and store away in seconds.


Are you sick and tired of having wet and/or cold feet? Musguard has recently released the front guard as well, and it works like magic. There is no doubt in mind, with my experience, that it is mandatory to have the front to pair with the rear guard. It doesn’t make sense to me, if your back is protected, but your shoes, socks, and pants eventually become wet.  I also always keep an extra bag inside my bag incase I’m leaving my bike unattended for more than 15 minutes, so as to keep my saddle dry on rainy days.


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As a New Yorker, most days I leave the crib in the morning and don’t return until late at night. I have to be ready for anything thrown at me, and that goes for riding as well, of course. Musguard fenders are perfect for any given day, not only for keeping you dry during your commute, but for stow-away convenience and ease of use throughout your day as well. I can put them on or take them off in ten seconds. Essentially, I would never leave home without them.


– Chris Reiter / Brooklyn, New York.








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Rider – Chris Reiter @nitereiter

Photography by –  Scut36

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