Levi’s Commuter 511 Slim fit Trousers approved by Never Not Riding from Brooklyn, New York. We hit the streets with the vision of getting from point A to B with the knowledge and confidence of comfort, style, and function. The trousers photographed in these photos and video below are proven to hold up to any given condition and distance on two wheel machine. In addition to the trousers, the jeans and jacket from the Levi’s collection is also a must have for the daily rider who is searching for the perfect piece to add to their riding wardrobe.


I personally commute 10 miles each way from Bay Ride, Brooklyn to Union Square, Manhattan – four to five times a week. A round trip daily commute adds up to about 30-40 miles daily depending on what the day may consist of. Coffee meetings, networking events, and daily adventures. My favorite part of this collection is very important to me which is function and price point. Each piece from the Levi’s Commuter collection is affordable and reasonable priced.


Do yourself a favor and visit a Levi’s store near you. If you’re not convenient to do so, check out their online website for more specific details and pricing. They run true to size comparing to other designer and cycling inspired companies. Do not size up or size down because they’re designed to fit you snug but a bit loose for comfort and function.


Photography & Video by Tico