We are honored to give these front lights, and reflective clip-on by BOOKMAN a run for New York City’s lights. They also have a limited edition reflective backpack / tote bag in collaboration with NOTABAG.


Bookman is a bicycle light and cycling accessory company based out from Stockholm, Sweden. Their goal is to inspire more style-conscious riders to see that traveling in the saddle can be a way of life that combines style, convenience, design and fun. Bookman is continuously striving to design more functional solutions for your everyday cycling needs, focusing on the little details that have previously been overlooked and incorporating cycling and style in all our products. We aim to provide you with an ever-expanding range of different products to add a personal touch on your ride while keeping you safe.


Safety and function is big in my life-style. I am ‘Never Not Riding” on my bicycle so having a great product to stand behind and front of me is confidence. The new front “Curve” lights is 80 lumens, bright enough to be seen a block or two away. I also find this new design really functional because it’s not only pointing straight but the light is hitting everything in front and behind of me. With my experience, this is important in New York and anywhere else in the world because you just never know what will come up behind you, side of you, and in front of you.

































The reflective clip on is super cool and handy, you can pretty much snap it onto any piece of clothing . You can snap it onto the back or side of your shirt, jacket, pants, socks, backpack, or even your hat / helmet. I like to always keep one or two in my tool pouch incase I ever forget my lights.


This collaborative reflective backpack / tote bag with Notabag is rad.  I literally had a yellow cab driver come up next to me at a red light telling me that my back is so bright. He was wondering what it was, I just smiled and continue blinding him as I road away.  The bag can also be used as a tote bag over one shoulder and packable incase not in use.

If you would like to check out some of these products in person, you may do so at  MoMA Store, 718 Cyclery, Bike Slug, Dah SHop, King Kog, Love Adorned, Magliarosa, NYC Velo, and Reed Space.


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