We had a chance to interview a few local riders from Hong Kong during our short visit. Zero Chan is a 17 years old student born and growing in HK. Zero is extremely dedicated to school and riding. Being a student in HK is not easy, school is strict and studying can be tough when all you think about is riding bikes with your mates. He have a passion for photography and also in charge of HK cycling movement “Team Massive







“Z” is riding a Cinelli Vigorelli 2010 and enjoy the format of a fixed gear because he like the challenge of riding a FGB in Hong Kong. HK is a small city with a lot of hills and mountains. He know the city really well so he’s able to jump on and off his bike to make it to class on time while still having a few minutes to have lunch.












Study hard

Stay in school

Ride safe

Strive harder

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