Jack Jang is Never Not Riding and currently living in Seoul, South Korea. He been riding “Fixed Gear Track Bike” for about 4 years now, and it’s a honor to have him part of the NNR familiar.  FGTB is a special and unique form of cycling compare to other form of riding worldwide. As most of you know, ideal FGTB setup doesn’t have a brake unless insisted.  We’re also single speed so we do not have the options of changing our ratio / gears like with our fingers like most others.


Jack tend to ride his bike everyday, cruising the Seoul and cutting into the traffic through the city. It makes him feel free because everything and everyone around him is systematic. That’s his joy of riding in general, nobody can interrupt or disturb him while riding his bike unless the authority is chasing him. He would like to show and represent Korean Fixed Gear Track Bike scene world-wide with international friends and have fun doing it.


Jack welcome’s all FGTB cyclist if they ever plan to visit Seoul, Korea.


Keep in touch @jackjangg

Photo & Vide0 by @rex_the_original