About Us

Never Not Riding is a cycling brand and global community based in New York City. We focus on creating a platform for all cyclists who share the same passion that we do.

The brand started in 2009 when NNR founder Nemo started riding fixed-gear bicycles with his friends. He was growing up in NYC when the Brooklyn Banks was the place to be, and the best way to get around the city was either skating, roller blading, or biking. Biking was always Nemo’s go-to because it was the fastest form of the three.

This was of course before riding fixie became such a huge trend.

After some time, Nemo and his friend’s rides got longer, and they started making major cycling trips to destinations all over the city and state. The roads started to feel endless. Experiencing the joy of the journey and the elation of making it to the destination made every ride memorable.

Back then, the culture was still fresh, and there wasn't much support out there for young riders. So Nemo started to form his own platform to work with creative people and innovative brands who could help infuse biking with style and function.

The inspiration from those relationships provided the initial push for Nemo to create NNR. They remain the backbone and driving force of NNR today.