My name is Sebastian Stack, Im 27 years old and currently living in Santiago/Chile. I’ve been riding for about 8 years now. Mainly fixed gear since it’s the best way to get around the city and also because there’s a culture that goes way back related to the fixed gear bike here.


Almost every old men in Chile know or has some kind of knowledge on how a fixed gear process. It was the cheapest bike to get a hold of back in the days. I got my first Fixed Bike as a christmas gift from my parents and since then it has been an addiction…a good one though . The first year of getting to know the whole scene was a bit hard, the old dudes didn’t really wanted to teach young kids about fixed gear or it was a bit a “bike racial” by this I mean that if your bike was not on point or you didn’t had a big name bike people wouldn’t even say hi on the streets. It was really wack but I didn’t care that much about it, all I wanted to do was ride my bike and that’s it.


One of my homies was into track cycling and always mentioning how cool and fast it was so I saved up for cycling shoes and went into the track. I’m not gonna lie, it was love at first sight. Ever since then I’ve been going to the track but never forget about where it all started; the concrete streets. so I got a job as delivery boy, it was at a sushi place so I was getting money for riding and also free food…best job ever but the money was a bit low so I went and tried to get a new job. This time as a bike messenger for a courier service here in the city. It was pretty bomb because I got the whole “premium rush” thing going on and shit. Also good money but after two years on this my back was a bit tired and I wanted to take track cycling a bit more serious so I went for it and left the messlife.


Through out all this year I’ve met some really cool people thanks to my day one of those people is PABLO my home boy. This crazy beast is kind of the president of the Fixed Gear scene down here. Loved by everyone. The people from santiago “Fixed Mafia” that are lit as fuck “savages” that keep the whole fixed gear spirit alive still.











Photos captured by
@Alfonsolalukash & @Utopia.perdida


Much love from Santiago,
Sebastion Stack @stvckkz


The SLC street team is a group of riders mashing in the heart of Utah – Downtown Salt Lake City. They consist of five riders: Coleman Milligan, Nathan Howard, Matthew DeBlanc, Jacob Froese and Daniel Gonzalez. Cole, Nate, and Matt are all Utah natives that grew up in or around Salt Lake City. Jake is from Fairbanks, Alaska and Danny is from Montevideo, Uruguay.


This small independent group did not grow up riding fixed gear and for the most part did not know each other until late of 2017. Thanks to bike courier jobs and University of Utah for connecting us. We are mostly 18-20 years old and glad we’re able to connect through riding and begin shooting segments together.




















Give us a shoutout if you’re ever in SLC for a visit







Video by @alfonsolukash

Rider @pabloko_b_f


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Captured by: Chad Douglas


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We had a chance to interview a few local riders from Hong Kong during our short visit. Zero Chan is a 17 years old student born and growing in HK. Zero is extremely dedicated to school and riding. Being a student in HK is not easy, school is strict and studying can be tough when all you think about is riding bikes with your mates. He have a passion for photography and also in charge of HK cycling movement “Team Massive







“Z” is riding a Cinelli Vigorelli 2010 and enjoy the format of a fixed gear because he like the challenge of riding a FGB in Hong Kong. HK is a small city with a lot of hills and mountains. He know the city really well so he’s able to jump on and off his bike to make it to class on time while still having a few minutes to have lunch.












Study hard

Stay in school

Ride safe

Strive harder

IG  @whirzero @teammassivee



It was an honor to meet and ride with everyone that came out for our group ride in Hong Kong hosted by @teamafter9 . We schedule the ride to meet at 8:00pm and roll out at 9:00pm. The main reason why we scheduled the ride meet at eight and not any earlier is because the city is not very bike friendly during the day.


It started to rain really hard when we were on our way to the meet up location. The sky was very grey and cloudy. It didn’t look like it was going to stop and we didn’t expect people to show up. After waiting an hour, it finally stop raining and the floor was very wet. Riders started to show up all at once after 9.














Thank you all for coming out and taking chances with the weather.

Hope to see you all soon for another ride in the future.