It’s a true blessing to be crafting, creating, and building with such a talented premium leather accessory brand and company focusing on the culture of photography. I’ve been following Cub and Co for a minute now and would never cross my mind we would be collaborating on an unique leather strap focusing on cycling. These guys showed up at one of my monthly pop up / networking events in NYC and introduced themselves. Super humble group of creative individuals and the idea started to flow through out mind of a custom strap focusing on cycling.


Photography is a major part of our brand and culture of Never Not Riding. We admire and appreciate a well taken image or photograph related to cycling. I always had an issue with carrying my camera on me while riding because it would always move around and distract me from keeping me focus on the road. Right away I knew what we needed to illuminate this issue.


After a few meetings we came up with this idea of having an optional riding harness that goes under your resting arm to keep your camera in place. We also created a way for you to use the strap as a wrist strap without undoing the entire strap off your camera. This strap is suitable for all cameras. Whether you’re shooting a point and shoot, digital compact mirror less, film, or even a full frame dslr. This strap is tested and capable for all your equipment.


Join us May 4th Thursday, 6:00 pm if  you’re in NYC for our official release party at the Lomography NYC on west 8th street. There will be free giveaways from Cub and Co, Lomography, and NNR. The strap will available for sale on our website the day after our event.


“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

Ralph Hattersley


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The homie Tico aka @thiefofsouls had a chance to catch some behind the scene footage of Nemo while in the process of creator the NNR x Manhattan Portage roll top camera bag. This bag is inspired by the daily life struggles of not having the bag you can ride, shoot, and survive a busy day in NYC. Camera or any creative artist equipment is always very fragile and important. Most roll top bags do not have any inserts inside so we came up with the idea of having optional inserts for your equipment which you can access through either side of the bag without going through the top. There’s more hidden functions like the side straps for your tripod or tubes.


Thanks to Manhattan Portage for the opportunity to create such a timeless backpack. We’re looking forward to innovate the culture and lifestyle of creatives who ride bicycles. Look out for more special collabs we have lined up for 2017.




In support of our homies out in Taiwan @Chris Yang & @Tim Huang for their special project “Track or Trick“.

Much respect for these two really killing it out there and keeping the culture alive.


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Our new NNR Beanie drops today 11/30/2016. Available in Black on Black with Grey or Pink strip, or White on White with Grey or PInk strip. The white on white inspired by the influencers and innovators of style and culture. Who dares to wear a white beanie, we all know white gets dirty really easy but that’s the fun part of it. The Black on black is classic though, both with a little hint of reflective for extra visibility on the streets.















Jack Jang is Never Not Riding and currently living in Seoul, South Korea. He been riding “Fixed Gear Track Bike” for about 4 years now, and it’s a honor to have him part of the NNR familiar.  FGTB is a special and unique form of cycling compare to other form of riding worldwide. As most of you know, ideal FGTB setup doesn’t have a brake unless insisted.  We’re also single speed so we do not have the options of changing our ratio / gears like with our fingers like most others.


Jack tend to ride his bike everyday, cruising the Seoul and cutting into the traffic through the city. It makes him feel free because everything and everyone around him is systematic. That’s his joy of riding in general, nobody can interrupt or disturb him while riding his bike unless the authority is chasing him. He would like to show and represent Korean Fixed Gear Track Bike scene world-wide with international friends and have fun doing it.


Jack welcome’s all FGTB cyclist if they ever plan to visit Seoul, Korea.


Keep in touch @jackjangg

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Milo Fynn originally from New York City but now studying in Chicago. He finished off his photo project for ICNY SPORT by collaborating with Nemo, you can also view his work at ig: @milofynnn


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