We had a chance to interview a few local riders from Hong Kong during our short visit. Zero Chan is a 17 years old student born and growing in HK. Zero is extremely dedicated to school and riding. Being a student in HK is not easy, school is strict and studying can be tough when all you think about is riding bikes with your mates. He have a passion for photography and also in charge of HK cycling movement “Team Massive







“Z” is riding a Cinelli Vigorelli 2010 and enjoy the format of a fixed gear because he like the challenge of riding a FGB in Hong Kong. HK is a small city with a lot of hills and mountains. He know the city really well so he’s able to jump on and off his bike to make it to class on time while still having a few minutes to have lunch.












Study hard

Stay in school

Ride safe

Strive harder

IG  @whirzero @teammassivee



It was an honor to meet and ride with everyone that came out for our group ride in Hong Kong hosted by @teamafter9 . We schedule the ride to meet at 8:00pm and roll out at 9:00pm. The main reason why we scheduled the ride meet at eight and not any earlier is because the city is not very bike friendly during the day.


It started to rain really hard when we were on our way to the meet up location. The sky was very grey and cloudy. It didn’t look like it was going to stop and we didn’t expect people to show up. After waiting an hour, it finally stop raining and the floor was very wet. Riders started to show up all at once after 9.














Thank you all for coming out and taking chances with the weather.

Hope to see you all soon for another ride in the future.


George Grullon aka @gnp_photos is a Freelance lifestyle / fitness Photographer from NYC whom only shoot in Black & White. He waste no time and always ready to take care of business. His vision is direct and his shutter is fast.


When he’s not running around capturing epic moments at your local cycling, running events, or photo sets. He’s riding around with his camera or leading his own running group in East Harlem every Thursday at 6:30 pm called MTAR Crew which stands for “MORE THAN A RUN CREW”.


Below is some quick flicks he captured of Nemo & Bodega after returning from one of their weekly Sunday rides. Be sure to show some love and say wassup if you ever run into George. He might capture a photo of you without you even knowing so.


– Para La Cultura











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George Grullon

Never Not Riding

It’s an honor to have your attention and interest in our new and timeless – one of a kind NNR custom panther camouflage cycling kit produced by Endo Customs. If you’re not familiar with Endo, they’ve been pushing the bar to perfect the finest, crafted quality of cycling kit and products since 2010. They’re known for their combination of the authentic blend of style and performance.


This visuals, vibes, print, pattern, and color contrast was thoroughly designed perfected by Anthony Firetts and Nemo. The design speaks for itself but If you’ve been following Never Not Riding’s vision, you would understand the meaning behind this design and concept.


The Panther is our way of saying godspeed every time you get on and off your saddle. It symbolizes our aggressive & diligent actions to completing the challenges ahead. Ride smart!


This kit is design to fit extra snug against your body for performance and comfort. They run true to a race cut fit. Available in female fit and size. Please email us at nemo@nevernotriding.com

























pre order here :

8/16/2017  – 8/30/17


Andrew Arevalo from Los Angeles.

All photos shot on 35mm film on my Voigtlander Bessa R2 with a mix of film stocks

My perspective of Red Hook Crit Brooklyn #10


Instagram: @shut_up_jesus
























































It’s a true blessing to be crafting, creating, and building with such a talented premium leather accessory brand and company focusing on the culture of photography. I’ve been following Cub and Co for a minute now and would never cross my mind we would be collaborating on an unique leather strap focusing on cycling. These guys showed up at one of my monthly pop up / networking events in NYC and introduced themselves. Super humble group of creative individuals and the idea started to flow through out mind of a custom strap focusing on cycling.


Photography is a major part of our brand and culture of Never Not Riding. We admire and appreciate a well taken image or photograph related to cycling. I always had an issue with carrying my camera on me while riding because it would always move around and distract me from keeping me focus on the road. Right away I knew what we needed to illuminate this issue.


After a few meetings we came up with this idea of having an optional riding harness that goes under your resting arm to keep your camera in place. We also created a way for you to use the strap as a wrist strap without undoing the entire strap off your camera. This strap is suitable for all cameras. Whether you’re shooting a point and shoot, digital compact mirror less, film, or even a full frame dslr. This strap is tested and capable for all your equipment.


Join us May 4th Thursday, 6:00 pm if  you’re in NYC for our official release party at the Lomography NYC on west 8th street. There will be free giveaways from Cub and Co, Lomography, and NNR. The strap will available for sale on our website the day after our event.


“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

Ralph Hattersley


Photography & Video by @cubandco